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Smart Farm Sensing B.V. is a Netherlands based agritech company providing products, services and solutions to the agriculture sector based on intelligent sensor data, remote sensing and geospatial information


Smart Farm Sensing has access to a vast network of highly qualified technical professionals from relevant disciplines to service the requirements of emerging projects in various agriculture sectors around the globe.


To increase global agriculture productivity and sustain our future food chain with fully operational satellite, aerial and ground remote sensing data supply chains


To provide our agriculture clients with sensor networks, geo-information systems, and mobile apps to increase productivity, optimize water use efficiency and reduce losses due to pests


AgrIOT is a geo-spatial agriculture data management platform to collect and analyse large-scale fruit tree data reliably, timely and efficiently, using mobile apps, remote sensing data and wireless sensor networks.


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  • Smart Farm Sensing B.V.
    ESA BIC - Suite 140
    Kapteynstraat 1, 2201 BB Noordwijk
    The Netherlands
  • info@smartfarmsensing.com
  • +31 (0)6 50 24 65 60
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