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We bring together sensor, satellite, and field data to improve sustainability and climate resilience of agriculture and landscaping.

Our solutions

Irrigation Management

Save water and fertilizers and improve crop health and productivity with soil and weather data.

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Crop Health

Gain crop health insight and early pest detection by combining scouting, satellite, and sensor data.

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Bespoke Services

Take advantage of our agtech experience in IoT, remote sensing and platform design and take an unrivalled productivity leap.

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Irrigation management

Microclimate Sensing

Knowing your field’s microclimate is essential for efficient water use and healthy crop.

Real-time insight in soil and weather data enhances irrigation management and preserves valuable water resources.

Smart Irrigation

Automatic irrigation using smart equipment is the summum of precision irrigation.

We understand that each farm or park has its unique irrigation ecosystem, which is essential to meet the global freshwater demand.

Pre-emptive Maintenance

Detect leakages before they damage your crop.

Detect malfunctioning of your irrigation system before harm is done to preserve yield and save on maintenance.

Find more information on our Smart Irrigation Manager product page

Crop health

Pest Management

Effective and sustainable pest control with an eye for nature.

Support your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach with scouting and pest detection apps and reduce the use of pesticides.

Tree Management

Retrieve more yield from your tree with less costs.

Identify trees suffering from nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, diseases, or irrigation issues as early as possible.

Field Management

Save on input costs and preserve your yield.

Identify field areas suffering from nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, or irrigation issues as early as possible with satellite data.


How we do it

We developed AgrIOT, a digital IoT and remote sensing platform to support every agriculture and landscaping stakeholder improving plant health and optimizing water use efficiency.

AgrIOT enables data-driven agriculture decisions using any sensor, satellite, or field data. AgrIOT features smart alerts, scheduled controls, customizable dashboards, and IoT network and device management.

We ensure seamless integration and interoperability with 3rd party IoT systems, sensors, and servers using industry IoT standards and restful APIs.

With AgrIOT the deployment of an IoT system including web portal, dashboards, and mobile apps, takes hours rather than weeks.

Our story

After several years of developing smart farming innovations for fruit tree orchards, we decided to found Smart Farm Sensing to commercialize these innovations with a grant from the ESA Business Incubation Program.

The result is our AgrIOT platform which to date serves a growing number of agriculture and landscaping stakeholders around the globe. AgrIOT enables them to connect and automate their operations, and improve their productivity and efficiency.

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