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Smart Farm Sensing provides products, services and solutions to the agriculture sector based on intelligent sensor data, remote sensing and geospatial information.

Smart Farm Sensing has access to a vast network of highly qualified technical professionals from relevant disciplines to service the requirements of emerging projects in various agriculture sectors around the globe.


To increase global agriculture productivity and sustain our future food chain with fully operational satellite, aerial and ground remote sensing data supply chains.


To provide our agriculture clients with sensor networks, geo-information systems, and mobile apps to increase productivity, optimize water use efficiency and reduce losses due to pests.

AgrIOT - our geo-spatial agriculture data management platform

AgrIOT is a geo-spatial agriculture data management platform to collect and analyse large-scale fruit tree data reliably, timely and efficiently, using mobile apps and wireless sensor networks. AgrIOT supports farmers, agri-service providers and government institutions to increase productivity, reduce losses due to pest and optimize water use efficiency.

AgrIOT can be used by a single farmer with a few hectares farm area up to government institutions with hundreds of extension workers servicing thousands of farms nationwide. AgrIOT is available as web-application https://app.agriot.app/, and as mobile app from App Store and Play Store.

Wireless IoT sensors and sensor networks

AgrIOT data can also be collected from wireless IoT sensors networks setup at a farm using an AgrIOT base station. Although the AgrIOT platform is independent of communication protocol, we recommend LoRaWAN, which is a low-power cost-effective wide-area networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery-operated IoT sensors to the internet in regional, national, or global networks.

One AgrIOT base station can collect data from more than 1000 low-power sensors within at least 1.5 km range and transmits the sensor data over a single mobile data connection (cost-effective!) to the cloud. Registered users have direct access to the data through the AgrIOT mobile apps and web portal.

Subsoil irrigation system for date palm trees

Smart Farm Sensing and Hydrorock support fruit tree farmers to increase productivity and optimize water use efficiency using Hydrorock’s subsoil irrigation system made from 100% natural stone wool to deliver irrigation water directly to the roots of fruit trees and reducing water waste. Hydrorock users can monitor water dispersing and irrigation control using Smart Farm Sensing’s AgrIOT sensors, mobile apps and web portal in real-time anywhere anytime. 

The Hydrorock system including AgrIOT application has been implemented at ICBA (International Center for Biosaline Agriculture) in Dubai and tailored for irrigation systems for date palm farms by the consortium Hydrorock, ICBAWageningen Environmental Research, and Smart Farm Sensing.



Sensoterra affordable soil moisture probes are the robust, simple and fully wireless solution for providing real-time insight into soil moisture condition through the Sensoterra app or our AgrIOT platform.

Subsoil irrigation with Hydrorock underground water buffers made from 100% natural stone wool to deliver irrigation water directly to the roots of fruit trees. Hydrorock monitors water dispersing and irrigation control and reduces water waste using our AgrIOT sensors.


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