AgrIOT features high-resolution drone imagery for Terviva

Smart Farm Sensing enabled high-resolution drone to map pongamia trees in AgrIOT for Terviva, a global operating food and ag innovation company partnering with farmers to grow climate-resilient pongamia trees which helps to reforest land and revitalize communities.

Terviva selected AgrIOT as a one-stop shop IoT and remote sensing platform for monitoring irrigation efficiency and plant health for their Australian R&D pongamia orchards. Last year Terviva planted 2,500 new pongamia trees in their Emerald orchard in Queensland. Typical first step is then to register all trees in AgrIOT platform for tree maintenance, health and vigour monitoring and pest management. But they faced a challenge in manually registering all these young trees, which is a labour-intensive, error-prone, and tedious process.

Terviva requested Smart Farm Sensing to automate this process using satellite maps. However, most available satellite maps, like Google maps, are outdated not even showing trees. And even with recent satellite maps the best resolution (30cm) is not enough for detecting such young trees.

So, we requested Innovative Drone Services to do a drone survey for the Emerald orchard to provide recent and high-resolution RGB imagery. They provided us with high-quality “crisp and clear” orthorectified maps including DSM which we used as input for our automated tree registration process in the AgrIOT.

And we projected this razor-sharp imagery as an orchard base layer in AgrIOT web portal and mobile app using custom WMS server, clearly showing the individual trees and distinguish them from shrubs and weed. And the 2cm resolution enables to resolve each detail of individual trees in the AgrIOT mobile app!

In the future, this high-quality drone data collected could be used to plan future works. Drones are capable of precision fertilising of trees and crop and of weed mapping and spraying which allows for more informed decision making.

Now available as a beta-service, but we encourage you to stay tuned as we offer fully operational satellite and drone EO data services in AgrIOT shortly!

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