AgrIOT Smart Irrigation in Operation at Date Palm Deficit Irrigation Project

We are delighted to share this article in The Daily Tribune on the achievements of the Deficit Irrigation Project for date palms, under leadership of Dr. Abdelhadi A.W. Mohamed from the Arabian Gulf University (AGU).

In the article Dr. Abdelhadi reports on the benefits of the recently introduced Smart Farm Sensing (SFS) smart irrigation system in the project allowing fully remote, wireless, and almost real-time control on irrigation volume/time within the AgrIOT platform and mobile apps. The system controls the pumps, smart valves, and flow meters to maintain the water supply and enable real-time monitoring of trees through the AgrIOT mobile app. Deficit irrigation has hardly any negative effect on date yield and quality, but it does result in significant water savings.

At Smart Farm Sensing we are very proud for the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed scientific experts on dessert irrigation at AGU, under the supervision of the National Initiative of Agriculture Development (NIAD), and to contribute to food security and water preservation in Bahrain and the GCC-region.

Download pdf article here.


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