AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Platform at Cherry Farm “The Happy Orchard” in Kyabrim, Victoria (AUS)

Kyabram orchardists Anthony Rullo and Alexandra Milosevich see embracing innovative water saving technologies as the key to their future after establishing The Happy Orchard a 5ha cherry orchard on a property just outside of Kyabram, Victoria (AUS), in July 2022. The Happy Orchard is Australia’s first cherry orchard to implement a combination of new irrigation technology and cutting-edge regenerative farming practices for improved water management and potential drought mitigation.

The innovative water saving technologies combined with regenerative farming practices comprises Smart Farm Sensing AgrIOT smart irrigation platform to monitor moisture levels and local weather data to exactly determine when and how much to irrigate, Hydrorock subsoil irrigation system to store water underground and deliver an optimal and constant supply to the root system, and Envirostraw regenerative hydromulching for hydroseeding ground cover onto the soils surface.

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