Smart Farm Sensing Presented Smart Agriculture for the GCC & Middle East Region at Qatar Expo 2023

Friday 3 November 2023 Dr. Laurens  Bierens, CEO, presented Smart Farm Sensing’s experience in smart agriculture for the GCC & Middle East region at the Qatar Expo 2023 “Smart Agriculture and Sustainability Workshop”.

Also, Dr. Abdelhadi Abdelwahab, Sultan Qaboos Chair for Desert Agriculture, Arabian Gulf University, presented the results of two research projects “Soilless production of Quinoa with renewable irrigation water” and “Deficient irrigation of “Khalas” date palm trees and AgrIOT smart application”.

During the workshop we presented this successful collaboration between Arabian Gulf University and Smart Farm Sensing and the benefits of smart irrigation management and water savings for the GCC-region.

The workshop was organized by the Arabian Gulf University under the Section of the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council Section.

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